We are a proud Canadian company based out of the Rocky Mountains.  Our goal is to develop a brand that represents strength, success and personal development.  Each day we are faced with challenges, big and small, that shape who we are.

Grizzled Bear is a lifestyle brand that addresses many pain points men/bears have with apparel.  We have worked with companies in Canada, The United States, and Portugal developing our products. 

All Grizzled Bear apparel has been manufactured in Portugal.  Portugal has a rich history in textiles and our manufacturers have a keen eye for detail.  Our products are made of natural materials with rugged leather and antique copper accents.  The garments have been laundered and shrunk after the sewing stage which means sizing does NOT change when washed and cared for properly.

As a taller man with a longer torso, proper fitting clothing has always been an issue.  Clothing has either fit properly when purchased and then warps after laundering, or purchasing a larger size meant clothing would turn into a parachute after the length shrunk but the sizing remained.  We have gone through a tremendous amount of effort to solve this problem.  As a result Grizzled Bear offers tall/longer sizes across all of our styles.

We are very proud of the products we have created and know that they will leave an impression on how you think about your clothing moving forward.  These products are game changers and we can't wait for you to experience them.

We have a lot of work ahead and look forward to your feedback.  Please reach out and join the discussions.