Grizzled Bear is a place where men are men and can express it through rugged apparel. Grizzled is a term that encompasses many qualities including experience, wisdom, grit, determination, strength and success. You don't need to summit a mountain or live off the land to be Grizzled, showing pride in the small victories is what being Grizzled is about. Your character is forged from the fight of life and we want to celebrate that. 

Show us what you're proud of. #WhyImGrizzled. 



Grizzled Bear is a lifestyle brand that addresses many pain points with apparel. We have worked with companies in Canada, the United States and Portugal, developing our products. All Grizzled Bear apparel has been manufactured in Portugal as it has a rich history with textiles and our manufacturers have a keen eye for detail. 
Grizzled Bear apparel is made from 100% Pima cotton, or a 70/30 cotton/poly French Terry. All apparel has gone through a specialized washing that makes each garment incredibly soft to the touch and ridiculously comfortable to wear. The elimination of tags and a classic fit add to the incredible experience of our products. 
Our products are garment shrunk after they've been sewn together, which means they keep their shape and fit after washings. You no longer have to hang dry and babysit your clothing, you can throw them right in the dryer. We have gone through a tremendous amount of effort to solve this problem. Preshrunk fabric is a garbage marketing term that's thrown around without meaning. If it was done right, your clothes wouldn't shrink and warp when you wash them.
Grizzled Bear products are game changers and we can't wait for you to experience them.